Hanon Systems Expands Offering to Serve Alt-Fuel Vehicle Market


Global automotive supplier Hanon Systems says it is applying its expertise in thermal and energy management to support vehicle manufacturers supplying hybrid, electric, fuel cell and autonomous vehicles to the global marketplace.

In recent years, the introduction and proliferation of alternative powertrains has expanded Hanon Systems’ focus, making the company a full-line global supplier of solutions across virtually all mobility solutions.

“The company is well-positioned with a suite of components and system solutions that deliver vehicle cabin comfort and enhance powertrain efficiency for conventional and eco-friendly vehicles,” says In-Young Lee, president and CEO of Hanon Systems. “At the same time, we apply our expertise in thermal management to offer solutions designed to maintain an optimal operating temperature of the electrical and electronic componentry in eco-friendly vehicles.”

Examples of e-mobility solutions from Hanon Systems include the following:

  • Heat pump system – Designed to significantly reduce power consumption for heating battery-powered vehicles, including electric vehicles. This design draws heat from ambient air and repurposes waste heat from the vehicle’s motor and inverter to act as a heat source to support the vehicle’s heating system.
  • Electric compressor – This scroll-based compressor is controlled by an onboard motor and integrated power electronic inverter for use in electric and fuel cell vehicles. By design, the compressor can operate independently – even when the engine is off – to maintain cabin cooling.
  • Battery thermal management – A suite of solutions, including contact heat exchangers that conduct heat away from battery cells for precise temperature control in electric and hybrid vehicles; battery chillers, which transfer heat from the coolant to the refrigerant loop to provide adequate cooling capacity during battery fast-charging mode; and heat exchanger solutions for sensors, electronics, power inverters and other heat management tasks.
  • Centrifugal air compressor – Features a high-speed brushless DC motor with a patented, oil-free ball bearing design that provides clean pressurized air to the fuel cell stack, which generates power to propel and operate the vehicle.

Hanon Systems says it will showcase its latest innovations supporting eco-friendly vehicles at the Seoul Motor Show 2017.

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