GreenPower Wins Order for 10 All-Electric Buses, 11 Charging Systems


GreenPower Motor Co. Inc., which develops electric-powered vehicles for commercial markets, has entered into a sales contract with the City of Porterville in California to supply 10 GreenPower EV350 40-foot, all-electric transit buses for deployment on all nine Porterville Transit routes and install 11 charging systems at the maintenance facility and transit center.

As reported, the total purchase price is approximately $9 million.

According to GreenPower, the contract provides the City of Porterville, or other customers, with an option to purchase an additional 20 buses, with the same terms and conditions as the initial purchase.

“We are going to be the first transit fleet in California to be zero-emissions/all-electric and look forward to working with GreenPower to replace our aging and polluting active fleet,”
says Richard Tree, transit manager for Porterville Transit. “Companies like GreenPower
are driving the industry forward and making all-electric the new norm in public transportation while playing a significant role in accomplishing our mission to improve the environment in our community and the valley as a whole.”

The first bus is scheduled to be delivered in the fall, with the remaining nine buses scheduled three to four months later. GreenPower has also agreed to make an EV350 40-foot, zero-emission, all-electric transit bus available for use as a spare when GreenPower is not using it for demonstration purposes.

“This conversion of the entire Porterville transit system to GreenPower zero-emission buses is the most innovative project that I have been part of to date, and it is ground-breaking for the industry,” says Brendan Riley, president of GreenPower. “In addition, we have 20 buses
available on this contract for other transit properties, including the San Joaquin Valley Air
Pollution Control District, who are seeking to deploy not just a zero-emission vehicle, but a zero-emission solution.”

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