GreenPower Launches the EV Star CC Model


GreenPower Motor Co. Inc., a designer, manufacturer and distributor of electric-powered medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, has launched its new EV Star CC Model.

The EV Star CC is a purpose-built, battery-electric, multi-utility cab and chassis that can be used by cargo and delivery companies who wish to use their body design while transitioning to a zero-emissions fleet. The 25-foot chassis has a payload of up to 6,000 lbs and can be configured with a range of options including a lift gate, wireless charging and autonomous capabilities. This approach allows operators to buy a “future proof” blank canvas with maximum flexibility and configuration options.

“This is an exciting product launch for GreenPower and the potential is unparalleled. While this initiative has been in place for more than a year, we certainly find ourselves in the right spot at the right time as we roll out our new EV Star CC,” says Brendan Riley, president of GreenPower.

“Given the change in consumer needs where goods delivery is now ubiquitous, demand is exceptionally strong for cargo and delivery vehicles that are environmentally friendly. The EV Star CC represents an especially large market opportunity over the immediate and near term given our ability to build produce and deliver these units in large quantities. As the only purpose built, all electric cab and chassis on the market, GreenPower is ideally positioned to meet these urgent needs of our customers,” he adds.

All EV Stars have a 118 kWh battery pack with an operational range of up to 150 miles coming with a standard J1772 level 2 and CCS DC level 3 fast combo charge system, allowing for optimal flexibility in route planning for any duty cycle.

Photo: GreenPower Motor’s EV Star

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