GreenPower, Gemilang Developing Class 4 Electric Trucks, Vans


GreenPower Motor Co. Inc. has increased its partnership with Gemilang International Ltd. (GML) to collaborate, develop and market Class 4 trucks and vans using GreenPower’s EV Star Cargo and EV Star Cab and Chassis to meet the demand of fleet customers across Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

“We have already delivered a right-hand drive EV Star Cab and Chassis to GML and will be delivering additional EV Star Cab and Chassis and EV Star Cargos ordered by GML,” says Fraser Atkinson, GreenPower’s CEO and chairman. “As the world continues to transition to electric commercial vehicles, our enhanced partnership with GML enables GreenPower to be working from a position of strength with ready-now solutions to deliver to our customers in key global markets.”

“I am excited that we are strengthening our relationship with GreenPower in response to the rising demands from our target markets,” comments Pang Chong Yong, chairman and CEO of GML. “GreenPower’s right-hand drive chassis will be bodied by GML and delivered to customers in Malaysia for trial.”

“Market opportunities for the EV Star Cab and Chassis include using it as the platform for shuttle bus, school bus, motorhome and box trucks as well as the EV Star Cargo upfitted for delivery, services, utility and last mile in potential markets including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and some others,” Pang continues.

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