GEODIS Deploying 200 IVECO Natural Gas Vehicles


Global logistics company GEODIS is acquiring 200 compressed natural gas vehicles from IVECO for deployment in its urban delivery fleet in France.

GEODIS is purchasing 107 IVECO Daily and 93 Eurocargo vehicles, to be powered by renewable natural gas. Compared to a Euro VI-E diesel vehicle, fine particle emissions are reduced by 95% and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions by 90%. These vehicles fall into the Crit’Air 1 category.

GEODIS’ goal is to achieve 100% carbon-free transport to the city centers of France’s 35 largest cities (with populations of more than 150,000 inhabitants) within three years.

“The increased use of new energies is a lever for action to reduce the emissions linked to our distribution activities,” says Stéphane Cassagne, executive vice president of GEODIS’ Distribution & Express line of business. “This order for 200 vehicles is a major step that marks our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. It positions us as a major player in clean delivery in France – an ambition that brings yet more benefits to our customers.”

IVECO says delivery is scheduled for the end of 2021.

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Stephen Lund
Stephen Lund
2 years ago

My compliments to anyone who advances the use of RNG as the replacement for diesel in truck transportation. Total electric makes some sense in passenger cars that are able to be charged at night and then have an average daily range that allows them to wait until the next night to be charged. Outside charging stations will be a nightmare when large numbers of electric vehicles are needing to be charged. It’s great if the charging time has been reduced to 40 minutes. Not so great, however, if you are fourth in line. Our electric grid is pressed to provide… Read more »