Gas Technology Institute Renames as GTI Energy to Focus on Energy Solutions


Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has updated its name to GTI Energy to reflect the breadth of its mission and capabilities across energy systems. GTI Energy has built on its legacy of natural gas research to provide a portfolio of research, services and training focused on scaling low-carbon, low-cost energy solutions that leverage gases, liquids, infrastructure and efficiency.

“Our track record as a science-based problem-solver is what makes GTI Energy a preferred partner when technical expertise, proven solutions, and impact at-scale are needed,” says David Carroll, CEO of GTI Energy. “We felt it was time that our brand identity reflected the breadth of our involvement across energy systems.”

GTI Energy is focused on developing, scaling and deploying energy transition solutions that improve lives, economies, and the environment. GTI Energy embraces systems thinking, open learning, and collaboration to bring solutions from concept to market, with more than 1,000 patents secured throughout its 80-year history.

“Our purpose-driven research and services deliver demonstrated solutions that protect air, land, water and communities, while enhancing economic growth,” states Paula Gant, senior vice president for strategy and innovation at GTI Energy. “Our trusted team of scientists, engineers and partners engages with the broader innovation ecosystem to create and operationalize the innovations needed for low-carbon and low-cost energy systems.”

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