Funding Available for California Commercial EV Charging Infrastructure


Funded by the California Energy Commission and administered by CALSTART, the Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles (EnergIIZE) project will open its EV Jump Start funding lane on July 19 and will run through August 18.

The EV Jump Start funding lane covers up to 75% of eligible infrastructure equipment and software costs for projects up to $750,000. Costs eligible for reimbursement include Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), DC fast-charge EVSE, charge management software, switchgears, electrical panel upgrades, wiring, conduit and meters.

Prospective applicants include: tribes, schools in disadvantaged or low-income communities, small businesses, minority-owned businesses, transit fleets serving disadvantaged or low-income communities, nonprofits, and other medium- and heavy-duty vehicle fleets in disadvantaged or low-income communities.

“We are thrilled to open this funding lane once again to California fleets and hope the increase in funding will attract new applicants throughout the state,” says Alyssa Haerle, director of infrastructure incentive administration at CALSTART.

Applications will be accepted through an online Incentive Processing Center (IPC) the day the funding lane opens. Potential applicants can view the implementation manual now and visit the EnergIIZE website for more information and resources.

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