Former GM Director to Bolster Alt-Fuel Work at Rocky Mountain Institute


Britta Gross, formerly with General Motors, has joined Rocky Mountain Institute as the nonprofit’s managing director. Gross will draw from her experience in the automotive and aerospace industries to lead RMI’s Mobility Transformation Program.

Prior to joining RMI, Gross served as the director of advanced vehicle commercialization policy at GM. She was responsible for identifying energy strategies, partnerships and policies required to enable the commercialization of GM’s alternative fuel technology programs, including plug-in battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

“Britta has provided strategies on global energy systems and electric vehicle fueling infrastructures to Fortune 500 corporations, U.S. transport associations and U.S. state commissions – all of which is invaluable experience that will bolster RMI’s mobility program and range of expertise,” says Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of RMI. “We are excited to be strengthening our team through Britta’s leadership, which aligns with RMI’s mission of transforming global energy use.”

Gross has also held positions on the board of directors of the Electric Drive Transportation Association and the Alliance for Transportation Electrification and served as a governor appointee on both the Massachusetts Zero Emission Vehicle Commission and the Maryland Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Commission. In addition, she is a commissioner for the Orlando Utility Commission in Florida.

“I am thrilled and honored to be joining the talented RMI team, with its unique expertise at the nexus of energy and mobility. Electrifying transportation in all its forms, including cars, buses and trucks, and overcoming the significant challenges of achieving scale is perhaps the challenge of the 21st century that will affect every man, woman and child,” says Gross.

Gross joined RMI on June 3 and will be based in Colorado. RMI is an independent nonprofit that engages businesses, communities, institutions and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of market-based solutions that cost-effectively shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables.

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