Food Delivery Company Adopting 600 Propane Autogas Trucks


Schwan’s Home Service Inc., a nationwide food delivery company, is planning to deploy 600 propane autogas delivery trucks by year’s end.

The company is deploying 200 ROUSH CleanTech-powered Ford E-450 cutaways this month and plans to lease an additional 400 units by the end of 2018. Each frozen-food delivery truck is equipped with a Ford 6.8L V10 engine and a ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system.

“Propane-powered vehicles have played a key role in Schwan’s product delivery for more than 40 years,” says Danielle Stariha, senior manager of fleet and procurement for Schwan’s Home Service. “Total costs of ownership for propane autogas is much lower than traditional fuels and other alternative technologies, which is why we are continually implementing the newest propane technology.”

“Schwan’s long-time investment in propane autogas is a testament to the staying power of this economical and domestically produced transportation fuel,” adds Todd Mouw, president of ROUSH CleanTech. “And we are bringing Schwan’s the cleanest-operating propane technology on the market.”

According to ROUSH CleanTech, each Ford E-450 propane autogas truck emits about 91,000 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over its lifetime than a gasoline-powered vehicle. Propane autogas can also reduce greenhouse gases by up to 25%, carbon monoxide by up to 60% and nitrogen oxide by 20% compared to gasoline, the company adds.

“Propane-powered vehicles are much quieter than equivalent diesel-powered vehicles, which leads to higher driver satisfaction,” notes Ron Moore, vice president of warehouse and fleet operations for Schwan’s Home Service. “We deliver across the U.S. in various climates, conditions and terrains, and our drivers are excited about the ROUSH CleanTech-powered E-450 chassis.”

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