Fluke FEV150 Station Analyzer Streamlines EV Charging Maintenance


Fluke, a provider of industrial tools and integrated software, is offering the FEV150, the latest addition to its expanding line of eMobility and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) test solutions. Engineered to streamline the maintenance workflow of EV charging stations, the FEV150 empowers technicians to conduct comprehensive functional and safety tests swiftly and efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted service for EV users.

The FEV150 features:

  • All-in-one testing — Tests AC EV charging stations with Type 1 or Tesla-type connectors, combining safety, performance and maintenance testing in a single handheld unit. Includes advanced features like auto control pilot (CP) waveform analysis.
  • User-friendly interface — Features built-in test plans for streamlined maintenance and troubleshooting. Visual indicators speed testing and simplify analysis, while Bluetooth integration with TruTest EV Charging software enables quick reporting.
  • Safety without compromise — Protective Earth (PE) pre-test ensures voltage safety, along with GFCI tests for 6- and 20-mA circuits. Engineered to Fluke safety standards, it fully meets SAE J1772 compliance.

“We recognize the critical importance of not just deploying EV charging stations, but also maintaining them to ensure the seamless operation of electric fleets,” says Sal Parlatore, vice president of Product at Fluke. “With the introduction of the FEV150, we’re proud to offer a solution that not only simplifies maintenance tasks and lightens the tool belt of technicians with all-in-one functionality, but also prioritizes safety and reliability, ensuring the growth of EV can continue with efficient charging infrastructure.”

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