Florida Utility Establishes Program to Aid Fleets in Electrification


JEA, a nonprofit, community-owned utility based in Jacksonville, Fla., is working with Resource Innovations to launch an electrification program aimed at assisting fleet utility customers in their transition from conventional internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles.

“This collaboration brings together our strengths and resources, enabling us to provide cutting-edge solutions and comprehensive support to fleet owners as they transition to electric vehicles,” says JEA’s Dave McKee.

The JEA Fleet Electrification Program is a turnkey program that has a service offering for all JEA C&I customers with fleet vehicles, regardless of fleet size or type, which will provide or assist customers with the development of a comprehensive fleet conversion plan and aid customers who move forward with the implementation of fleet electrification.

JEA says its own fleet is leading by example and will be the first to finalize its fleet conversion plan.

By leveraging the experience of both Resource Innovations and JEA, customers can expect a range of benefits, including a total cost of ownership tool hosted on the utility’s website with access to an expert to help customers utilize the tool, connection to a fleet EV expert for the creation of a fleet conversion plan, and help with planning their conversion. Furthermore, a range of services such as fleet assessments, assistance with EV procurement and charging infrastructure, and financial incentives are available.

Apart from their existing programs, JEA also provides the JEA Drive Electric Residential Program, which assists residential customers in making informed decisions about purchasing an electric vehicle. From a commercial perspective, JEA extends rebates to commercial customers who purchase or lease electric equipment for non-road purposes, school, or transit buses, as well as EV charging equipment.

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