Florida DOT Picks HDR to Implement State EV Charging Infrastructure


The Florida Department of Transportation has selected HDR to serve as owner’s representative for its electric vehicle (EV) program. This five-year contract will include the strategic planning, procurement, implementation and monitoring of EV charging infrastructure throughout the state. HDR’s experts will assist in administering Florida’s expected $198 million from the federal National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure formula program as well as providing federal discretionary grant support and aiding the department in other EV initiatives.

As the primary contact for FDOT on EV infrastructure, HDR’s team will develop prioritization strategies and a phased implementation approach addressing where, when and how EV infrastructure is deployed over the next five years. The work will advance FDOT’s mission of providing a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, and preserves the quality of the state’s environment and communities.

HDR will make recommendations regarding solicitations, contract configurations and site locations, and will provide a wide range of services including planning, design, right-of-way, traffic engineering and operations, construction and maintenance. Over the next five years, HDR’s team of engineers, designers, planners and analysts envision a statewide network of convenient, reliable, equitable and accessible EV chargers. Supporting electrified mobility through public outreach and education will be a priority, and HDR’s team will work to increase awareness of publicly available charging locations, also supporting local jurisdictions with practical guidance such as streamlined permitting.

The new contract continues HDR’s history of EV services in Florida. The HDR team has previously assisted FDOT with the development of its EV Infrastructure Master Plan, its EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan and other EV initiatives.

“As our transportation infrastructure evolves, every state is exploring the best strategies for deploying electric vehicle infrastructure while encouraging innovation,” says Santanu Roy, HDR’s global transportation planning director and principal in charge on the new contract. “We are excited about helping FDOT lead the nation in expanding access to this game-changing technology and improving transportation for our communities.”

Image: Michael Fousert on Unsplash

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