Fleet Advantage Ordering 200 Class 8 EVs for 2023


Fleet Advantage, a Class 8 fleet data analytics, equipment financing and life cycle cost management (LCCM) company, is placing orders for 200 EV Class 8 tractors for deliveries commencing in calendar year 2023.

This will be the company’s first major purchase of alternative energy trucks.

This initial purchase will be placed in service based on duty cycles and supply chain locations with reduced radius operations, the company says.

“With the advancement of EV technology and growing interest in alternative fuel applications, we are excited to be in position to deliver new EV trucks for our customers,” says Brian Antonellis, senior vice president of fleet operations for Fleet Advantage.

“Fleet Advantage has already established its environmental leadership with a rich history of transportation asset management and flexible financing solutions that significantly reduce operating costs along with up to a 28 percent baseline reduction in CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.”

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