Five New EVs Join City Fleet of San Marcos, Texas


The city of San Marcos, Texas, recently introduced five all-electric vehicles to its fleet. These additions include three Ford F-150 Lightning trucks and two Toyota bZ4X cars, which will be used by staff as they conduct city business, including Code Enforcement and Transit services, and Public Works Fleet services.

The EVs support the San Marcos City Council’s strategic goal for environmental protection and responsible stewardship of the city’s natural resources.

Addition of the vehicles was unanimously approved by City Council as part of a lease agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management Inc., which authorized the lease and maintenance of fleet vehicles and the purchase of miscellaneous equipment. The total annual lease payment for the five new EVs is $42,140.

After approval from City Council, the Public Works Department added three Level 2 dual charging stations at various locations around San Marcos to make the recharging process more efficient and accessible to city staff. The new EVs have an estimated range of 230 to 255 miles on a single charge.

“Adding the all-electric to our fleet is a major step toward the goal of becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable,” says Ricky Gee, fleet manager. “We are proud to be leading by example to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve public health and save taxpayer money by lowering fuel and maintenance costs.”

The new EVs are projected to reduce fuel costs and lifecycle gas emissions produced by the gas-powered city fleet vehicles. San Marcos expects to add more EVs to its fleet over the next several years to help reduce the carbon footprint.

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