Firms Collaborate to Offer Flexible Financing for EV Charging Infrastructure


ChargePoint, a provider of solutions for charging electric vehicles; EnTech Solutions, a division of Faith Technologies Inc. (FTI) and a distributed energy solutions provider; and financial services company Wells Fargo are collaborating to offer simplified, flexible financing solutions for businesses building out charging infrastructure for EV fleets.

Wells Fargo has worked with EnTech to create a financing program specifically for the eSkid charging solution, a rapidly deployable EV charging platform utilizing ChargePoint hardware and software. The funding provides an affordable financial package with various term options and a simple application process, and it bundles the eSkid with ChargePoint chargers, installation, warranty and software.

Installing charging infrastructure can typically be costly and timely, but with EnTech’s eSkid solution and Wells Fargo’s flexible, customizable loan and lease options, businesses across the U.S. can embark on an affordable sustainability journey.

The eSkid solution is a rapidly deployable EV charging station designed to drop in place, allowing businesses to offer charging within days of installation. It has configurable plates to accommodate different charger orientations — it comes pre-wired for two ChargePoint Express 250 charging stations with the option to have different chargers installed — providing flexible options intended for private use with commercial vehicle fleets and businesses.

Benefits of eSkid include:

Flexible — Charging stations are impermanent and can be relocated as a business grows and evolves, an ideal solution for companies that lease their facility.

Configurable — The 4-ft by 10-ft pad has configurable plates to accommodate different charger orientations that fit best with any business operations.

Quick to deploy — Pre-configured wiring prior to arrival onsite makes commissioning quick and unobtrusive.

Reduced civil work — The above-ground skid option eliminates the need for a permanent concrete pad, reducing project complexities.

Custom branding — The eSkid solution is a blank canvas and can be branded to suit a business or fleet need.

“EnTech Solutions is pleased to collaborate with Wells Fargo and ChargePoint to easily bring these flexible, configurable EV charging solutions to EV owners and EV fleet managers,” says Wade Leipold, executive vice president with FTI, the parent brand of EnTech. “Together, we can contribute to lowering carbon emissions through supporting the growth of electric vehicle utilization.”

“For many years our clients have told us a significant impediment to the deployment electric vehicles in their fleets is the availability and installation of charging equipment and infrastructure,” says John Crum, head of transportation for Wells Fargo Equipment Finance. “We are excited to collaborate with industry leaders such as ChargePoint and EnTech Solutions to bring a streamlined financing program for the rapidly deployable, eSkid charging stations that will provide opportunities for companies to become more sustainable.”

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