FinePowerX Licenses WiTricity Tech for Automatic Wireless EV Charging


WiTricity, a wireless charging company for electric vehicles, and FinePowerX have entered into a technology licensing agreement enabling FinePowerX to develop and commercialize products using WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology for personal mobility applications such as EVs.

“We know wireless charging is the future for charging electric mobility devices of all kinds, and we’re excited to welcome FinePowerX as a licensee to expand the adoption of electric mobility by streamlining the charging experience,” says Stephen Tsao, managing director for Asia at WiTricity. “We are proud to see our intellectual property, technology and know-how accelerate industry growth, and we look forward to partnering with FinePowerX to continue the momentum.”

“Since our inception, FinePowerX has focused on wireless power transfer technology. With a license from WiTricity for the development and commercialization of a wireless EV charger, we’re now taking that knowledge and research to the EV industry,” comments Dr. Byung-Duk Min, CEO of FinePowerX. “We look forward to becoming a top supplier in the global EV wireless charging market by generating an incredible level of synergy with WiTricity through our combined expertise and technologies.”

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