EVGO Launches Maintenance Program for EV Charging Network Stations


EVgo Inc. has debuted EVgo ReNew, an enhanced and comprehensive maintenance program designed to ensure stations across EVgo’s charging network meet its quality and technology standards.

Through the program, EVgo plans to replace, upgrade or, in some cases, retire hundreds of stations over the coming year with the goals of enhancing charger availability and building range confidence for EV drivers of all types. 

EVgo ReNew is comprised of six core pillars that outline EVgo’s approach to reliability: prevention, diagnostics, rapid response, analysis, resilience, and continuous customer service. This effort includes ramping up in-person preventative health checks of chargers; improving system monitoring, diagnostic and recovery tools; replacing legacy equipment; and retiring problematic chargers if replacement or upgrade is impractical. EVgo ReNew builds on EVgo’s existing charger maintenance efforts, which include 24/7 monitoring and preventative health checks at charging stations, as part of its commitment to industry-leading uptime.  

EVgo evaluates sites based on historical charger performance, current and forecast user demand, technical capacity at the location, and proximity to other fast-charging stations. Where possible, EVgo will install new chargers with power levels up to 350 kW. Through a combination of proprietary market analysis, data-driven insights and customer feedback, the program also identifies sites for decommissioning. In addition to site-level analysis, EVgo also works with site host partners to assess factors like charger placement, station size and power levels to ensure charging options provide the greatest value for their customers and the community.    

“More than a decade ago, EVgo was one of the first companies to install public fast chargers. The EVgo ReNew program represents our ongoing dedication to reliability as we proactively modernize legacy infrastructure and work to deliver the consistent, high-quality charging experience customers expect across our network,” says Cathy Zoi, CEO at EVgo. “As more EVs come to market with expanded ranges, large battery packs and higher power charging capabilities, EVgo is invested in building and maintaining a charging network fit to welcome and support an all-electric future for every driver.” 

Through the first three quarters of 2022, EVgo upgraded, replaced or removed 125 charging stalls and is actively working with partners and site hosts to evaluate upgrading, replacing or removing hundreds of additional charging stalls in 2023.

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