EVgo and Santa Monica Bring in New EV Chargers


EVgo Inc., a public fast-charging network for electric vehicles, recently installed eight new EVgo public fast chargers in Santa Monica, Calif. The new EVgo chargers will provide zero-emission charging through EVgo’s network, supporting the City of Santa Monica’s Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

Santa Monica first installed public EV chargers in the mid-1990s and purchased some of the original versions of electric vehicles for its own municipal fleet. Today, there are 150 city-owned public EV charge ports in Santa Monica, all of which are Level 2 chargers, with more planned throughout the city as part of the Santa Monica EV Action Plan. The new EVgo chargers are Level 3, or DC fast charging.

“Santa Monica residents have long been early adopters of electric vehicles and the city is in strong support of expanded EV charging infrastructure to support them and bring cleaner air benefits,” says Sue Himmelrich, mayor of the City of Santa Monica. “EVgo’s new charging stations at Lot 29 are a good example of public-private partnership accelerating the adoption of EVs, and we are excited to partner with a local company to bring more charging infrastructure to our community.”

“It takes an entire ecosystem of partners, including city officials and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction to support and accelerate the development of public fast charging,” says Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “EVgo is bringing new stations online every week with the help of partners, like GM and the Energy Commission for this station, and city officials and utilities around the country. We are especially proud of the Santa Monica Lot 29 site’s proximity to our headquarters in West Los Angeles and the EVgo Lab in El Segundo.”

The new EVgo chargers were partially funded by The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project, which offers incentives for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure at publicly accessible sites throughout California.

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