EV ARC Systems Will Charge Federal Railroad Agency’s Fleet Vehicles


The Federal Railroad Administration has ordered EV ARC solar-powered electric vehicle charging systems from Beam Global to charge federal fleet vehicles at the Transportation Technology Center (TTC) in Pueblo, Colorado. Beam Global provides sustainable infrastructure solutions for electrification of transportation and energy security.

These EV ARC systems were purchased through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Contract Number 47QMCA22A0004, which simplifies the federal procurement process and ensures best pricing.

EV ARC charging infrastructure products are off-grid, generate and store their own clean electricity, and are deployed with no electrical work, no construction and no utility bill, reducing the federal government’s costs accordingly. The systems can continue to charge EVs during blackouts and include the optional Emergency Power Panel that can provide electricity to first responders during disasters, emergencies and power outages.

“Railroad infrastructure is vast and by its nature often in locations where readily available utility connections are rare or hard to procure,” says Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Beam Global. “This is another excellent example of the strength of our products in terms of their ability to solve big challenges in a scalable, robust and sustainable manner.

“As government entities at all levels continue to electrify their fleets, rapid deployment, renewable energy, energy resiliency and disaster preparedness are becoming increasingly key decision factors in the nationwide EV charging infrastructure buildout,” adds Wheatley.

The federal fleet consists of approximately 657,500 vehicles. Executive Order 14057 with its accompanying Federal Sustainability Plan calls for 100% zero-emission vehicle acquisitions by 2035, including 100% light-duty acquisitions by 2027. This prioritizes and accelerates a Federal Clean Electricity and Vehicle Procurement Strategy, calling for clean and zero-emissions vehicles for federal, state, local and tribal government fleets, including vehicles of the U.S. Postal Service.

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