ETHERO Will Offer Harbinger Medium-Duty Electric Vehicle Platform


ETHERO is poised to be one of the first to join the network of dealers that will offer the Harbinger electric vehicle platform. The scalable chassis, built to support the most popular medium-duty body types, was designed from the ground up to address the performance, durability and lifespan expectations required of Class 4 to Class 6 vehicles. Harbinger developed and manufactures the chassis, powertrain and battery packs of its EV platform in-house.

“Adding a medium-duty option as flexible and sophisticated as Harbinger’s technology to our product offerings is something we’ve wanted to do since ETHERO’s inception,” says Dave Rogers, director of ETHERO’s electric truck division. “Something all fleet owners are looking for is versatility. Being able to offer this functional, adaptable chassis from Harbinger alongside our other zero-emissions trucks opens more doors for companies interested in EV technology at a level that fits their operational goals.”

“ETHERO joining the dealer network for Harbinger is additional validation of the market responding to our clean-slate approach to the medium-duty commercial vehicle industry,” says John Harris, CEO and co-founder of Harbinger.

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