Envision Upgrades EV ARC Charging Platform


Envision Solar International Inc., a producer of sustainable infrastructure products for electric vehicle (EV) charging, has launched the upgraded generation of EV ARC solar-powered EV charging infrastructure products. 

The upgraded EV ARC series, already used in more than 100 U.S. municipalities, has a reengineered S-curved column with electronic components and energy storage elevated to the underside of the sun-tracking solar canopy. As a result, the new design is flood-proof to 9.5 ft and provides extra space to park on the cambered ballast pad. 

An engineering improvement to EnvisionTrak, the company’s patented sun-tracking technology, the solar array can be deployed through a 360-degree arc and so accommodates any angled parking space. The elevated equipment enclosure provides improved visibility for branding.

“Our mission to reduce costs while improving quality and continuing to combat climate change has also driven core engineering innovations,” says Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar.

“The new form factor makes the product more dynamic, expands emergency preparedness and energy resiliency, and serves areas threatened by floods and rising sea levels while continuing to offer all of the benefits delivered by the previous generation of EV ARC products,” he adds.   

The EV ARC 2020 is an off-grid solar-powered EV charging infrastructure solution that requires no trenching, no construction, no permitting, no utility bill and can be deployed in minutes. Envision’s zero-touch deployment capability enables customers to receive fueling and emergency power infrastructure without any human interaction. 

Deployment experts from the company deliver the fully operational product to the site and depart after completing a sanitizing process for all user interfaces. A delivery package including receipt, sanitization checklist, photographs and go-live checklist are delivered electronically to the customer.

Photo: The upgraded EV ARC series

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Karl Reuning
Karl Reuning
4 years ago

Any estimates on number of charges possible in FL verses NH?