EnerDel to Supply Batteries for Workhorse C-Series


Workhorse Group Inc. has selected EnerDel as a battery supplier for its next generation C-Series delivery vehicle, having placed an initial order for 5,200 EnerDel Vigor+ battery packs to be used in the production of C-Series customer orders.

Workhorse says it has secured financing to be able to provide battery leasing packages for the entire EnerDel partnership.

EnerDel’s advanced cell technology features a low-profile modular pack design that supports Workhorse’s lightweight C-Series vehicles, enabling fleet customers to customize the pack size for each vehicle based on its duty cycle. Workhorse’s selection of EnerDel as its latest battery supplier of choice complements the company’s existing utility partnership agreement, which seeks to generate second-life uses for its batteries.

“EnerDel’s proven performance and its production capacity are an important supplement to our in-house battery manufacturing operation as we gear up for growth at scale,” says Workhorse COO Dr. Robert Willison. “As an additional data point, during prototype testing, Workhorse’s fully loaded C-Series vehicles, equipped with EnerDel 70kWh packs, have demonstrated a range in excess of 125 miles on a single charge. With that level of performance, we are eager to begin leveraging the benefits of this powerful technology.”

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