Endera EV Pool Lowers Wait Time for Cutaway Delivery


Endera, a technology company in the electric vehicle industry, has launched the Endera EV Pool, an innovative fleet of electric cutaway buses. This solution is designed to reshape the landscape of the EV market by addressing the critical industrywide challenge of extended lead times for vehicle delivery, the company says.

Key features of the Endera EV Pool include:

  • Pre-built fleet — Endera’s EV Pool consists of chassis that are electrified before the construction of the custom body.
  • Rapid delivery — Customers experiencing delays due to extended lead times can now anticipate receiving their vehicles faster than ever before.
  • Large stock capacity — With a substantial chassis allocation, Endera can stock up to 250 vehicles, ensuring a steady supply to meet customer demands.

Historically, lead times for electric cutaways have exceeded a year. Endera says its initiative drastically reduces this wait time, making sustainable transportation solutions more accessible and efficient for fleets.

Endera’s vehicles undergo extensive testing in diverse weather conditions and applications. This process ensures that each vehicle delivers optimal performance and exceeds customers’ expectations in reliability and efficiency.

The company says it is committed to being a comprehensive resource for fleets looking to electrify. Endera’s electrification specialists are at their customer’s full disposal to assist in the planning and procurement of their vehicles, infrastructure and software suite.

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