Electric Last Mile Solutions, Ample Offer Battery Swapping Solution Bundle


Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc., a pure-play commercial electric vehicle (EV) company focused on redefining productivity for the last mile, and Ample Inc., an electric mobility company providing modular battery swapping solutions, are introducing a bundled offering that would pair ELMS’ Urban Delivery Class 1 commercial EV with Ample’s modular battery-swapping technology. Through the collaboration, the companies expect to provide ELMS customers with the option to subscribe to turnkey energy and mobility solutions.

Fleets deploying ELMS EVs will be able to opt into an energy-as-a-service (EaaS) solution utilizing Ample’s battery swapping technology. Adopting the EaaS solution would lower the initial vehicle cost and allow customers to pay only for the energy they consume.

ELMS and Ample also announced plans to explore a full mobility-as-a-service bundle that would allow customers to forgo vehicle ownership entirely and pay for usage by the mile. Such an offering would include comprehensive services, insurance and energy to allow commercial fleets to minimize unplanned downtime and leverage differentiated economic models that drive their top-line revenue growth.

ELMS and Ample plan to offer customer test drives and battery swapping demonstrations in San Francisco using the Urban Delivery Class 1 EV in Q4 of this year. Full rollout of the bundled offering is expected to begin as early as Q2 2022.

“By pairing Ample’s and ELMS’ market-leading solutions, customers will now have a choice between full Mobility-as-a-Service or Energy-as-a-Service offerings that allow them to own or operate their vehicle at a significant discount,” says Jonathan Ballon, chief strategy officer for ELMS. “These offerings align with our vision to deliver unique, innovative solutions in hardware and software for our fleet customers.”

“Ample is thrilled to help catalyze electrification in the commercial fleet industry with ELMS,” states John de Souza, co-founder and president at Ample. “Together, we will accelerate large fleet operators’ ambitious electrification goals and their desire for fast energy delivery to enable high utilization of their vehicles with minimal downtime.”

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