Electreon Unveils Wireless Charging Terminal for E-Buses in Israel


Electreon has successfully completed construction of a groundbreaking wireless charging terminal for parked urban electric buses. The commercial project, delivered to Electra Afikim, a prominent public transportation operator in Rosh HaAyin, Israel, supplies stationary wireless charging to e-buses during the night and day, in parking bays at the public bus terminal in a distributed energy model.

“We are pleased to introduce to the world the first wireless charging terminal of this kind here in Israel, enabling efficient, cost-effective, and space-saving wireless charging for public transit buses in a busy urban zone,” says Oren Ezer, CEO of Electreon. “This innovative facility is designed to provide wireless charging for electric buses throughout the day and night, serving the public as part of regular public transportation services in the Petah Tikva and Rosh HaAyin areas.”

Electreon managed the entire terminal project, from end-to-end, encompassing electrical infrastructure, required approvals and civil engineering works. The company also implemented its advanced charging software platform to remotely manage and oversee wireless charging of the fleet vehicles at the terminal.

In addition to the technical, operational and commercial achievement of delivering this project, Electreon partnered with three international bus manufacturers that were selected by the client, Electra Afikim: HIGER, Ankai and Sunwin. These manufacturers fully integrated Electreon’s vehicle receivers into their electric buses, and with HIGER and Ankai completing the full European Union (EU) WVTA approval process, took a significant step in establishing the company’s wireless electric bus receiver as an off-the-shelf product available to the entire automotive industry.

The fully commercial project, valued at approximately 5.8 million ILS (about US $1.6 million) for 2023, includes payments for software services, operations and maintenance over the project’s duration. Electra Afikim, one of Israel’s major public transportation operators, manages around 500 bus service lines across Israel, covering 40 million miles annually and transporting 51 million passengers.

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