Electrada, Holman Partner to Boost Electrification of Red Bull Distribution Fleet


Building on its mission to expand access to integrated, scalable and reliable fleet electric fuel solutions, Electrada has entered into an agreement with Red Bull Distribution Company to provide the electric fuel component for Red Bull’s strategy to electrify its fleet. This program was initiated through Electrada’s program partnership with Holman, a global automotive services organization.

Marking a significant milestone in Red Bull’s sustainability efforts, this initiative commences the electrification of its distribution fleet across multiple California sites.

Key to this electrification program is Holman and Electrada’s strategic partnership that helps North American fleet operators accelerate, scale and reliably integrate electric vehicles into their fleet mix. This collaboration leverages the partners’ holistic electrification solution, delivered through Electrada’s performance-contracted 360 Charging-as-a-Service (360 CaaS) complete electric fuel solution, streamlining an organization’s path to scale fleet electrification programs.

“Importantly, Red Bull’s requirement for high-uptime performance was a key consideration in their decision to team with Electrada as an electrification program partner,” says Kevin Kushman, CEO of Electrada. “Our 360 CaaS model represents the most evolved and integrated CaaS model available — one that’s required across a national footprint where use cases, duty cycles, utilities and energy prices call for a strong and knowledgeable partner that delivers reliable and predictably priced electric fuel.”

Together, Holman and Electrada offer fleet operators a comprehensive fleet management and electrification solution — vehicle plus charging infrastructure — with the latter fully capitalized and performance-contracted to allow organizations to transition to EVs with the least risk. This approach to fleet electrification provides a predictably priced contract that eliminates the significant upfront capital investment and mitigates long-term energy cost risks that often prevent organizations from adopting a robust EV program beyond the pilot stage.

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