EDI Announces Zero-Emissions Freightliner Utility Truck


Efficient Drivetrains Inc. (EDI), a provider of high-efficiency, zero-emissions hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrain solutions, has completed the integration of its EDI PowerDrive technology into a new OEM platform, Freightliner.

As reported, the newly available Freightliner M2 truck rounds out EDI’s portfolio of Class 3 to Class 6 zero-emissions utility vehicles with an exportable power option.

According to EDI, the newest utility vehicle features the EDI PowerDrive 6000 plug-in electric drivetrain, delivering more than 25 miles of all-electric, zero-emissions driving and 300 more miles of range in hybrid modes, and reduces emissions by up to 80% compared with conventional utility vehicles.

The company maintains that the new Freightliner utility truck operates as a powerful, all-electric vehicle for both city and highway driving situations, extending driving ranges with two high-efficiency hybrid modes and eliminating jobsite engine idle for well over eight hours.

“This new vehicle is, by far, the most powerful and versatile fully electric and hybrid truck in the industry,” says Joerg Ferchau, CEO of EDI. “This Freightliner fully surpassed everyone’s expectations about the acceleration and power that could be delivered in a zero-emissions-capable Class 6 work truck.”

The company adds that another industry differentiator on EDI’s utility vehicles is the optional exportable power capacity, ranging from 75 kW-160 kW. By harnessing the power of the onboard batteries, the vehicle can power a neighborhood, eliminate planned and unplanned outages, and provide emergency backup power in the event of a natural disaster.

The Freightliner M2 features 120 kW of exportable power and enables a utility to run the vehicle in anti-idle zones during late hours, as well as a jobsite tool with zero engine idling and no noise, fumes or emissions.

“Our portfolio of proven, industry-first electrified utility vehicles help fleet operators meet aggressive emissions reduction mandates today,” Ferchau says. “Utilities benefit from a reduction in fuel costs [and] significant reduction in emissions, and the optional onboard power substantially reduces downtime during planned and unplanned outages.”

The company will continue to expand its portfolio of solutions, including EDI PowerDrive line of electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle drivetrains; EDI PowerSuite Vehicle Control Software and Telematics; and EDI Power2E 2 Way Charging and Exportable Power for end users, vehicle manufacturers and integrators, throughout 2017.

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