EDF Taps eMotorWerks Expertise for EV Charging Technology


eMotorWerks says it will be providing global energy giant EDF with cloud-connected, intelligent charging stations using eMotorWerks’ charging hardware and its JuiceNet software platform.

The new partnership is designed to provide a charging solution that enables customers to charge their EVs with clean energy, while also supplying a software platform on which EDF can develop new solutions.

By utilizing JuiceNet smart-grid optimizations, EDF will be able to leverage renewable energy generation by tapping into solar and wind over-generation to charge EVs, as well as partake in smart grid incentives through scheduled charging. This collaboration allows EDF and its customers to shape electric load, avoid peak energy costs, and improve grid reliability by better managing energy ramps and other peak demand on the grid.

“EDF has studied EVSE platform technology for a number of years, and eMotorWerks…has shown to be a viable partner from a technical and commercial standpoint,” says Jan van der Lee, vice president of R&D and innovation at EDF. “And the grid service capabilities give utilities the option to keep fossil fuel generation sources dormant and meet peak load requirements through demand response.”

eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet uses automated, multi-tiered control algorithms and load balancing to allow EV drivers the flexibility to charge their cars on the cleanest and least expensive energy available. The JuiceNet platform also gives utilities improved real-time visibility of major grid parameters and control of EV charging demand.

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