Eaton Launching EV Charging Busway for Fleets


Eaton has developed a new approach designed to simplify fleet electric vehicle charging, the EV Charging Busway, by eliminating costly cable runs and major modifications to existing parking and conveyor structures.

Fleets can now expand and reconfigure infrastructure with no concrete work required – which is often the biggest cost when deploying EV charging for fleets. The overhead EV Charging Busway uses common electrical distribution technology deployed in fleet depots, buildings and industrial settings without traditional charging pedestals.

“We’re helping fleet managers accelerate the energy transition with innovative hardware and software that rapidly achieve new levels of sustainability, cost savings and flexibility,” says Paul Ryan, director of connected solutions and EV charging at Eaton. “Our latest innovation, EV Charging Busway, integrates seamlessly into existing electrical systems to make it easier than ever to deploy, scale and manage EV charging infrastructure.”

Eaton’s Green Motion EV charging hardware enables intelligent load management, throttling the rate of charge to maximize available electrical capacity onsite. The Eaton chargers can also be integrated with the company’s Charging Network Manager software out of the box to further simplify the deployment and management of networked charging stations. Eaton’s EV charging hardware and software, including its EV Charging Busway, are designed for interoperability and support the North American Charging Standard (NACS) and Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6J.

Eaton’s EV Charging Busway provides a plug-and-play solution to add, move and expand charging infrastructure without rewiring. The solution incorporates a retractable cable management system for AC Level 2 chargers that keeps cords and electrical equipment off the ground and out of the way. EV charging busway can also support ground mounted DC fast charging pedestals.

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