Dynapower, Alphastruxure Install Renewable Energy, Storage for Electric Bus Depot


Dynapower, a power conversion and energy storage solutions company, has partnered with Alphastruxure and Montgomery County, Md., to provide energy storage that will help provide uninterrupted power to the county’s fleet of electric buses using on-site generation including renewable resources.

The Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot uses an integrated system of solar, microgrid energy storage and electric charging stations which will eventually power 70 electric buses (50% of the Brookville bus fleet) with 4.14 MW of charging capacity. Transitioning these 70 buses at the depot from diesel to electric, powered by the on-site clean energy microgrid, will reduce lifetime emissions by 62%.

Dynapower’s 3 MW/4.3 MWh CPS-i Integrated Energy Storage System provides the microgrid battery energy storage for the depot, storing power to charge the electric buses and enabling 100% operational capacity in the event of a grid outage. It also allows participation in a demand response program with Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco), which supports regional grid performance and optimization for greater energy resilience for local residents and businesses.

Statewide, Maryland is working towards a 50% zero-emission bus fleet by 2030. The Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot is aligned with the county’s priorities to reduce emissions from public transportation while enhancing the resilience of the community and infrastructure assets.

“We’re proud and honored to help support Montgomery County’s efforts to move towards sustainability, electrification and climate resilience,” says Adam Knudsen, general manager of Dynapower. “This project aligns with our own goals of powering a cleaner planet and reducing carbon emissions worldwide.”

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