Dual ICE-80A Can Charge Two Fleet Vehicles at Once


InCharge Energy, a fleet electrification services solution provider, has launched the Dual ICE-80A charger, its state-of-the-art Level 2 charging solution for fleets. This AC Level 2 charger is the only option in the U.S. capable of simultaneously charging two vehicles at a maximum output of 19.2 kW on both cables, according to the company.

“At InCharge, we are committed to developing reliable charging products that address the multiple use cases of our various fleet customers,” says Nikolas Runge, interim chief technology officer of InCharge. “We are proud to deliver a charger that can check dozens of boxes for fleet managers. From the simultaneous charging to the government certifications to the competitive price point, the Dual ICE-80A charger has all the key features for a scalable charging infrastructure.”

This built-to-last charger is ideal for fleets with vehicles that can dwell for longer periods, such as overnight. The Dual ICE-80A is also the perfect option for fleets desiring battery state of charge information for their vehicles and will be CTEP/NTEP-certified for public or semi-public charging operations.

The ISO15118 hardware-ready charger with enabled load management features intelligently responds to grid and site demand needs, taking a vehicle’s operations readiness into account. Additionally, for school bus fleets and others wanting to qualify for specific government grants, Build America, Buy America Act (BABA)-compliant ICE-80A units are available upon request to support possible funding eligibility.

Featuring a rugged steel enclosure, the charger’s exterior is waterproof and built to last, while the internal components are specified for long, high-current charging sessions. Designed for a variety of locations, the two-cable option offers a smaller footprint, requiring minimal square footage and thus minimizing installation costs and damage risks for chargers installed at a fleet depot.

The Dual ICE-80A supports energy management via backend or onsite controller, which can allow scheduled smart vehicle charging to proceed — even with internet connectivity loss. When paired with InCharge’s proprietary InControl charge management software, the charger can be set to curtail the power based on cost, available electrical service and the fleet’s availability requirements, ensuring efficient vehicle uptime and smooth business operations.

When purchased using the company’s charging as a service financing option, with predictable lower payments and uptime guarantees, the Dual ICE-80A supports fleet electrification for a broad range of use cases and budgets.

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