Dover Fueling Solutions Deploys New Four-Nozzle CNG Dispenser


Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) has debuted its first-ever four-nozzle Wayne Helix 6000 II compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel dispenser at two refueling stations in France.

This double-sided model (featuring two nozzles per side) builds upon DFS’ advanced dispenser technology and encompasses an enhanced user interface. With the ability for both traditional passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles to use the dispenser simultaneously, the Helix 6000 II CNG dispenser facilitates flexible refueling from a single CNG island.

The dispenser measures the actual mass of gas delivered into each vehicle, regardless of the pressure values, temperature and density, and also offers considerably lower running costs than gasoline or diesel alternatives, the company says.

“More and more trucks and buses are equipped with NGV2 filling plugs, or even two models: NGV1 and NGV2. The advantage of having the choice of these on each side of the fuel dispenser means that drivers don’t have to think about which fuel dispenser they need to use to efficiently refuel,” says Régis Bacq, technical services, TSG France.

DFS delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic payment systems, automatic tank gauging, and wetstock management.

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