DocGo, Jefferson Health Transport First Patient in All-Electric Ambulance


DocGo, a provider of last-mile mobile health services and integrated medical transportation solutions, and Jefferson Health have partnered to transport the first patient in DocGo’s all-electric, zero-emissions ambulance – the first vehicle of its kind to be registered in the U.S.

“As we transport this patient in America’s first all-electric ambulance, we want to thank the team at Jefferson Health for helping make this a reality,” says Anthony Capone, DocGo’s president. “This transport represents a significant milestone for the sustainability movement and the healthcare industry. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue working towards a better, more sustainable future for patients, healthcare providers and the planet.”

Through its Zero Emission initiative, DocGo aims to have an all-electric fleet by 2032. As the first vehicle in this fleet, the new all-electric ambulance will immediately begin transporting patients regularly.

“As a large healthcare organization, we recognize that we have a responsibility to develop and implement sustainable practices, all while remaining committed to our primary mission: to improve lives,” comments Dr. Judd E. Hollander, MD, FACEP, senior vice president of healthcare delivery innovation and associate dean for strategic health initiatives at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

“We are honored to work with our trusted partner DocGo to transport the first patient in DocGo’s all-electric, zero-emissions ambulance and help pave the way for improved sustainability.” DocGo and Jefferson Health have partnered since May 2019, working on initiatives spanning medical transportation for 11 hospital locations including Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals’ three Center City facilities, COVID-19 testing at Philadelphia International Airport, and providing mobile health services to Jefferson patients in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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