Delta UFC 500 Charger Ramps Up the Power, Not the Footprint


Power management provider Delta has launched its 500 kW DC ultra-fast electric vehicle charger UFC 500. Amid the rise of high-power charging needs and challenges in land acquisition for EV charging operators, the UFC 500 offers a remarkable power-versus-footprint ratio. The UFC 500 can charge one heavy-duty EV (e-truck or e-bus) with large battery capacity at 460 kW power within two hours, which, on average, results in a driving range for a full-day operation.

“The UFC 500 delivers ultra-fast charging capabilities, and through integration with our own EV charging management system DeltaGrid EVM and energy storage solutions, significantly reduces pressure to the grid,” says Vincent Lin, vice president of eMobility and Smart Energy Solutions at Delta EMEA. “This powerful combination exemplifies the perfect fusion of EV charging and smart energy management solutions, excelling in performance and efficiency to fulfil CPOs’ immediate and future charging requirements.”

In public charging applications, the simultaneous charging of two modern EVs can increase the charging power to 250 kW each. Besides heavy-duty vehicles, the UFC 500 is suited to a broad spectrum of passenger EVs and charging applications in fleet, depot, logistic, industrial and public charging installations.

The UFC 500’s power module uses silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor technology that ensures high overall conversion efficiency. Delta’s patented internal circuit topology results in a compact, lightweight power module, which just one maintenance technician will find easy to handle.

Designed for complete system integration — including network connectivity, backward compatibility and energy management — the UFC 500 simplifies setup and management. Its robust, all-weather exterior design meets IP55 and IK10 standards, ensuring reliability and high service availability even in the most demanding conditions.

The UFC 500 features a sophisticated cable management solution. Mounted on top of the charging station to prevent damage, the moving arm extends the charging cable’s reach up to four meters. Additionally, the integrated credit card payment solution facilitates deployment for operators while providing convenient payment options for end-users.

To address grid pressure challenges, the UFC 500 integrates seamlessly with the DeltaGrid EVM. This system enables the grouping of EV chargers, prioritizes scheduling and configurable limits to charging power, and leverages time-of-use tariff arbitrage. DeltaGrid EVM can help reduce a site’s carbon footprint and operational costs through peak shaving.

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