CEC Chooses DEKRA to Launch EV-Grid Innovation Laboratory


The California Energy Commission (CEC) has selected DEKRA to develop a Vehicle-Grid Innovation Laboratory (ViGIL) to increase the interoperability of electric vehicles (EV) and charging infrastructure. The lab will be located in Concord, Calif., and is expected to open in the summer of 2022.

“At DEKRA, we are passionate about the future of mobility and the exciting opportunities presented by electric vehicles,” stats Bert Zoetbrood, president of DEKRA Americas. “We are proud to partner with the California Energy Commission to transform the transportation sector towards its 2030 ZEV goals, improve interoperability, and ensure a seamless charging experience for consumers in California and across the country.”

The ViGIL will offer a range of state-of-the-art testing and certification services for EV manufacturers, suppliers, device manufacturers, EV charging station manufacturers, charging point operators and service providers.

Upon opening, services will include Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 certification. Developed by the Open Charge Alliance, this certification includes interoperability and conformance testing to ensure proper functioning between the electrical vehicle charging station and the back-office. The CharIN testing certifies interoperability between EVs and EVSE.

The ISO/IEC 15118 certification is an international standard for vehicle to grid (V2G) communication. Certification will include plug and charge. The Testing Section 3.40 of the NIST 2020 Handbook 44 (Electrical Vehicle Fueling) is a code that applies to devices, accessories and systems used for the measurement of electricity dispensed in vehicle fuel applications, including EVSE submeters.

DEKRA will continue to develop new capabilities at ViGIL, including V2G bi-directional charging testing according to ISO 15118-20 and OCPP 2.0.1. As an innovation facility, the lab aims to allocate 20% of laboratory resources for universities and small businesses to encourage investment and participation in the EV industry.

“The Vehicle-Grid Innovation Laboratory from DEKRA will focus on inclusive and sustainable test environments,” says Andres Moreno, senior vice president of service operations for DEKRA North America. “Sustainability is a strategic foundation of our business and a major principle and condition for relationships with suppliers, service providers, and other business partners.”

ViGIL will develop EVSE testing capacity at DEKRA’s current lab in Concord. This builds upon the company’s capabilities in EV and EVSE charging globally, including facilities for OCPP, CharIN, safety and EMC testing in Sterling, Virginia and Arnhem in the Netherlands. Through its worldwide network of laboratories, DEKRA offers a range of testing services for electric, connected and automated vehicles, including laboratory testing, field testing and regulatory certification services, such as FCC Part 15 and Part 90 for U.S. market access.

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