Day & Ross Pilots Carbon Emission Reduction Technology


Day & Ross’ subsidiary, Ottaway Motor Express, has begun a six-month pilot project with KarbonKleen, a company that delivers data-driven technology solutions to the logistics industry, to utilize dynaCERT’s HydraGEN carbon emission reduction technology. 

The system is designed to strike a balance between reduced energy consumption and fuel emissions by adding hydrogen to engine airflow. Hydrogen gas improves combustion by acting as a catalyst to speed up reaction time, meaning the engine should require less energy for combustion, and less fuel. Results will be measured against the baseline data of each truck, as well as two sister units that run the same routes.

dynaCERT’s technology has been installed on two trucks, which will be measured for carbon emissions and fuel efficiency over the course of the pilot program.

“As a transportation company, Day & Ross relies on traditional combustible fuels and is striving to find new and cleaner alternatives,” says Bill Doherty, CEO of Day & Ross. 

“We are encouraged by the potential of this new technology to help us minimize our impact on the environment,” he adds.

This is just one of the environmental initiatives underway at Day & Ross, which has been a SmartWay transport partner since 2009.

Photo: Day & Ross piloting dynaCERT’s carbon emission reduction technology

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