Daimler Trucks’s E-Mobility Group Begins Electric-Truck Charging Initiative


Daimler Trucks & Buses says it has started the eTruck Charging Initiative through its E-Mobility Group, the goal of which is to establish a charging infrastructure for battery-electric trucks.  

Within the framework of the initiative, the E-Mobility Group aims to bring together a variety of interconnected professions – e-truck customers, power grid operators, energy suppliers, charging hardware manufacturers and charging software providers – to promote open dialogue and shared infrastructure solutions for truck customers within the network.

The eTruck Charging Initiative is part of the E-Mobility Group’s holistic approach to provide truck customers with a smooth transition into e-mobility. The close dialogue between the main players is also intended to speed up previously lengthy and complex planning and application processes for network connections. In addition, the participants are also concerned with aspects such as optimized load management of the electricity grid and sustainable electricity supply. 

The initial focus of the initiative will be installing charging stations at the depots of truck customers. 

In the case of depot charging, the infrastructure is individually tailored to the needs and processes of the respective logistics provider. The use of their own infrastructure usually offers advantages in terms of the total cost of ownership, as no additional operator is involved. There is also no need for time-consuming billing and authentication of authorized vehicles, and a charging possibility can always be guaranteed. The charging procedures are subject to the company’s specifications and the energy costs can be calculated in advance.

“We are taking an active role in transitioning toward battery electric road transport. To this end, we are now setting the course for the development of the necessary infrastructure together with all those involved,” says Gesa Reimelt, head of the E-Mobility Group at Daimler Trucks & Buses.

The focus of activities is currently in the U.S. and Europe. Japan will be the next market to follow. The first workshops are already under way, and the first joint pilot projects for setting up charging infrastructure at truck depots are being implemented or are in preparation, notes the company.

Photo: Daimler Trucks’ E-Mobility Group starts global initiative for electric-truck charging infrastructure

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