Cyber Switching Sells EV Charging Efficiency Tech to Contra Costa


Cyber Switching, a developer and manufacturer of advanced power management solutions, says it has completed the sale of its EV Master Controller (EVMC) technology to Contra Costa County’s Public Works Department in California.

According to Cyber Switching, the EVMC allows the Public Works Department to expand the efficiency of electric vehicle (EV) charging for its fleet by more efficiently utilizing the existing electrical power deployed for EV charging.

“Even though our building only had electrical capacity to support one charging station in the back parking lot, Cyber’s EV Master Controller was installed and rotates the charging to all four vehicles that are plugged in,” says Joe Yee, deputy director of the Public Works Department. “The EVMC will allow us to keep more of our electric vehicle fleet charged, without the expense of adding more circuits.”

As reported, this purchase represents the county’s commitment to its sustainability goals as defined in its Climate Action Plan, including goals to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, while improving community health.

“The choice of Cyber Switching’s EVMC maps into the county’s sustainability plan across a number of sectors, including energy efficiency, transportation and government operations,” says Jody London, the county’s sustainability coordinator. “We’re excited to see technologies deployed in support of our sustainability initiatives.”

“Our EVMC uses a patent-pending rotational charging methodology to reduce the electrical infrastructure needs by up to 75 percent while still providing the necessary charging needs of the county’s EV fleet,” explains Chuck Reynolds, CEO for Cyber Switching. “We recognize that while EV fleet deployment can be a key strategy for sustainability initiatives, the power to charge these fleets can be a challenge to provide. The EVMC can quadruple the charging effectiveness, without additional infrastructure costs.”

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