CSA Group Seeks Participants for Revising NGV Standards


CSA Group, a global provider of testing, inspection and certification services, is seeking proposals for revisions to several natural gas vehicle (NGV) standards, as well as technical experts to serve on subcommittees.

The standards listed below are being opened for revision and processing:

  1. Breakaway Devices and Valves for Natural Gas Vehicle Dispensing Systems (NGV 4.4)
  2. Manually Operated Valves Used in Natural and Gaseous Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Stations (NGV 4.6)
  3. Automatic Valves for Use in Natural Gas and Gaseous Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Stations (NGV 4.7) – New Standard
  4. Compressors for Natural Gas Vehicles Fueling Stations (NGV 4.8)

These projects are made possible by a financial contribution from Natural Resources Canada, notes CSA Group.

For those interested in participating as a member of a CSA technical subcommittee for any of these projects, CSA Group invites stakeholders to submit a brief bio, along with a statement outlining interest and ability to contribute. Forms for submitting proposals with rationale are located here. For more information, contact Shahab Shokrzadeh at shahab.shokrzadeh@csagroup.org.

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