Contract Gives Virginia Fleets Renewable Propane Autogas, Equipment Access


A new state contract brought forth by James Madison University provides all vehicle fleets in the commonwealth of Virginia with new pricing on propane autogas vehicle conversion equipment, in addition to access to renewable propane autogas. Blossman Gas is the equipment and fueling partner specified in the contract.

Autogas, the name given to propane when used as a vehicle fuel, is the third most widely used alternative fuel globally, with more than 28 million vehicles on the road worldwide. Blossman Gas is a founding member of Alliance AutoGas, a cooperative providing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-certified autogas vehicle conversion equipment to U.S. fleets.

“Propane autogas is a widely available fuel used in public and private fleets in Virginia, and I’m so glad to have this fuel on state contract,” says Alleyn Harned, executive director of Virginia Clean Cities at James Madison University. “It is exciting for JMU to launch a statewide contract for this renewable fuel option.”

“Autogas is a proven and viable solution for fleets in the commonwealth of Virginia today, and we are excited to offer this additional opportunity for reduced emissions with a renewable autogas component,” says Steve McCoy, vice president of business development with Blossman Gas.

With the contract, those using conventional propane autogas can purchase an up to 20% renewable autogas blend to further reduce harmful emissions such as carbon and particulate matter. Autogas is nearly identical to conventional propane in terms of chemical structure and physical properties, with one exception: Renewable propane is not a fossil fuel. As a result, renewable propane solves a variety of environmental challenges besides providing the benefits of conventional propane.

Renewable propane offers sustainability benefits through reductions in carbon intensity (CI) versus traditional fossil-based transportation fuels. CI is the amount of carbon by weight emitted per unit of energy. Renewable propane is estimated to have one of the lowest CI levels.

View the new state contract here.

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