Compleo Offers High Power Charger eTower 200 for EVs


Compleo Charging Solutions, a provider of charging technology for EVs, has launched its High Power Charger (HPC) eTower 200. Developed and manufactured in Germany, the charger offers maximum power, high efficiency and a compact design, the company says.

The eTower is equipped with features including modular power distribution, an iconic lighting concept and the “Single Point of Service” approach to simplify installation, operation and usage. At its core are the in-house-developed silicon carbide (SiC) power-electronic charging modules, enabling implementation of grid-supporting functions.

The modular technology of the eTower 200 enables high-speed charging with a peak output of 200 kW and an efficiency of more than 96%. Thanks to a power distribution system based on seven independent power modules, entirely developed by Compleo in Germany, the eTower can distribute power dynamically and intelligently.

The charging technology continuously adapts to the specific charging situation, maximizing performance. Each power module delivers up to 920 V and 72 A, allowing drivers to charge their electric vehicles quickly and continue their journey. All power semiconductors used in the modules are manufactured using SiC technology. By completely shutting down the power modules in standby mode, standby power consumption can be minimized.

With the eTower 200, installers and service technicians can quickly access the device during maintenance or inspections, thanks to the “Single Point of Service” concept, providing the smallest service area in the 200 kW HPC class. All components of the charging system are accessible through a single service door facing the occupied parking space. The eTower 200 can be placed directly in front of walls for even more efficient use of space.

In case of a service call, a high level of redundancy ensures uninterrupted operation. Even if one power module switches to service mode, the performance of all other modules remains unaffected, continuing to deliver power. Replacing, upgrading or maintaining the modules does not require cranes or heavy equipment.

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