Columbia Vehicle Picks Inventus Lithium Batteries to Power EV Work Vehicles


Inventus Power, an advanced battery system company, has entered into a partnership with Columbia Vehicle Group, a U.S.-based company specializing in the manufacturing of electric vehicles (EV). Inventus Power will supply its line of PROTRXion batteries for integration into Columbia’s new line of Utilitruck work vehicles, beginning in the spring of 2022.

“We believe that offering a lithium-powered solution is the next step to meeting our customers’ needs and we are very pleased with our decision to partner with Inventus Power to support Columbia’s transition to lithium battery technology,” says Greg Breckley, director of business development at Columbia Vehicle Group. “After evaluating multiple providers, Inventus Power was the first to deliver a product that met our requirements, and the Inventus Power team expressed a real interest in helping solve our challenges.”

Columbia’s new line of Utilitruck vehicles will be equipped with three or four PROTRXion M-48V60-TRX intelligent batteries, which will initially replace eight 6V lead acid batteries. Utilitrucks powered by PROTRXion batteries will also provide users with several benefits over lead acid models, such as an extended range of up to 60 miles, enhanced battery communication for predictive maintenance and protection from operator misuse. Additionally, because of the long cycle life performance of lithium, users can expect PROTRXion batteries to last the life of the vehicle without replacement or battery maintenance.

“Our PROTRXion batteries were designed and tested for low-speed electric vehicles like the task-oriented Utilitruck and other products offered by Columbia Vehicle,” states Tom Nguyen, vice president of business development. “These versatile batteries are highly configurable to meet the power, range and payload needs for the work environment. Inventus Power is excited to work with the Columbia Vehicle team to deliver the best battery solution for their customers.”

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