Coast Counties Peterbilt Utilizes Ideanomics Charging Solutions in California


Ideanomics, a company focused on accelerating the adoption of commercial electric vehicles (EV),  has signed an agreement with Coast Counties Peterbilt to deploy and operate energy and charging solutions at Coast Counties’ truck dealerships in California.

The agreement includes a power purchase agreement (PPA) and a charging-as-a-service component. Ideanomics Energy will deploy DC fast-charger, renewable energy generation, and storage at four dealerships. In addition, Ideanomics Energy’s management software will ensure high utilization and cost optimization. This turnkey solution will be offered to Coast Counties Peterbilt at a pre-agreed monthly amount.

The deal is the first announced by Ideanomics Energy, a newly created energy division providing turnkey charging and energy solutions. The division simplifies EV charging and energy strategies for fleets, providing software and hardware which grow with the customers’ operations and electrification targets.

Ideanomics Energy was selected as a partner for Coast Counties Peterbilt through GridMarket. GridMarket’s AI-driven energy project platform leverages energy modeling, digital simulation planning and proprietary analytics to produce actionable energy insights. The platform identifies opportunities, optimizes project design and runs a procurement process, soliciting competitive bids from a global network of technical and financial solution providers. GridMarket works with customers to select implementation partners who align unique fleet and operational needs, like Ideanomics Energy and Coast Counties Peterbilt.

“We were looking for the optimal mix of solutions with reliable ROIs, and we selected Ideanomics Energy as the clear best-fit implementation partner through the GridMarket marketplace,” states Craig Archer, president of Coast Counties Peterbilt. “GridMarket enabled us to effectively consider all best-fit technologies and partners, and de-risked our expansion into offering electric vehicles. Ideanomics Energy demonstrated a successful track record of charging infrastructure installations, and we are thrilled to begin work with them.”

“It is important to install reliable infrastructure that fits to the specific strategy and needs of individual fleet customers,” says Jan Freimann, vice president of energy services at Ideanomics. “We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, we deploy custom-tailored solutions to minimize costs, increase reliability, and limit uncertainty for customers like Coast Counties Peterbilt. Thanks to GridMarket, our team has the opportunity now to support Coast Counties Peterbilt’s transition to electrification and a greener future.”

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