ClipperCreek Releases New Dual EV Charging Station


ClipperCreek, a manufacturer of residential and commercial electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), has debuted a new plug-in dual electric vehicle charging station, the HCS-D40P.

The HCS-D40P is a 32 A, Level 2 plug-in station that installs onto a single dedicated 40 A circuit and can charge two vehicles simultaneously. It is offered with a NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 plug and automatically splits power between two vehicles based on the vehicles’ requests for power, with up to 16 A of electricity each when both are charging and up to 32 A when one vehicle is charging.

The charger also comes with features including 25-foot charging cables, a rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure, and ClipperCreek’s three-year warranty and customer support. The HCS-D40P comes ready for wall-mount installation and is easily swapped out with the original HCS-40P or HCS-50P, making them good candidates for the company’s Trade-UP! program.

“The HCS-D40P is a great value and an exciting product offering,” says Amanda Lance, ClipperCreek’s inside sales manager. “Many of our residential customers who originally bought a plug-in HCS station for home charging now have a second or even third EV. The HCS-D40P allows them to charge two vehicles at the same time without electrical infrastructure upgrades. The Trade-UP! lets them swap out their original station for a dual station at a significant savings, and use the same outlet.”

The HCS-D40P is available for $1,369 from ClipperCreek.

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