Clean Energy Wraps Up Natural Gas Refueling Station in Ohio


Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has completed a new renewable natural gas (RNG) station in Groveport, Ohio, that will provide compressed natural gas for Amazon fleet vehicles, as well as for the public.

The Groveport station is the first construction project completed in an agreement between Clean Energy and Amazon that will see 19 new stations built. Each is targeted to be operational by the end of the year.

The Groveport station covers 6.7 acres and includes multiple fast-fill dispensers for easy in-and-out fueling of RNG; time-fill posts for up to 52 trucks, allowing for cost-effective fueling and the most advanced technology transmitting real-time data to customers; and 52 parking places for drivers’ personal vehicles. The station will dispense 700,000 gallons of RNG annually.

“Large fleets fueling with RNG have the ability to realize immediate and significant carbon reduction, especially in the heavy-duty truck sector, which could be many years away from meaningful electrification,” says Andrew J. Littlefair, president and CEO of Clean Energy.

“The opening of our station in Ohio is exciting because it’s the first of many more to come throughout the U.S. and will help efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce climate change.”

In nearby Newark, Ohio, South Fork Dairy and Clean Energy are developing a digester that should produce 500,000 gallons of RNG a year from manure produced by 3,300 dairy cows. That RNG will be used at the Groveport station and others around the country.

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