Clean Energy Fuels Appoints Mathieu Soulas to Board


Clean Energy Fuels Corp. says Mathieu Soulas, senior vice president – new mobilities and marketing at TotalEnergies, has been appointed to the board of directors to replace Laurent Wolffsheim, who had served on the board since October 2021.

“Mathieu brings a wealth of applicable experience to our conversations and decision-making process,” says Clean Energy Board of Directors Chairman Stephen Scully. “As one of the leaders in the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral world, Mathieu will be a valuable voice with fresh insights.”

Soulas has served in a variety of positions at TotalEnergies, including SVP of strategy and climate from August 2019 to September 2021 and as vice president in charge of the lubricants business unit worldwide.

“It’s an honor to join the board of our good partner, Clean Energy, which is making great strides in expanding into the production of renewable natural gas, partly through the joint venture between the two companies,” says Soulas. “I look forward to working alongside my fellow directors and the company management to expand the demand of this incredible fuel in the heavy-duty vehicle market and providing fleets with a low-carbon solution that addresses big climate issues.”

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