ChargePoint Technology to Support SF Transit Agency Electrification


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is installing ChargePoint’s Express Plus charging architecture as a part of the revitalization of its Woods Bus Yard. The chargers will fuel the first full battery-electric buses to hit the streets of San Francisco beginning in 2020.

SFMTA is planning to fully electrify its fleet – some 800 buses – by 2035.

“This is an important and vital step toward our commitment to a greener fleet,” says Tom Maguire, SFMTA’s interim director of transportation. “These charging stations are a crucial part of the transition to zero-emission, battery-powered buses.”

Electrification of the Woods Bus Yard is expected to reach completion next fall and will support nine battery-electric buses that are expected to enter service during the same time frame. The deployment of charging infrastructure is part of a broader upgrade to the SFMTA Woods Bus Yard, which also includes other facility enhancements and training.

ChargePoint will work closely with SFMTA to build out electric bus infrastructure for the Woods Bus Yard beginning later this year. Leveraging ChargePoint’s advanced high-powered charging architecture, the project will include nine ChargePoint Express Plus DC charging solutions with power provided by nine ChargePoint Power Blocks, enabling charging output of more than 150 kW per bus.

In addition to hardware, ChargePoint will empower SFMTA teams with a suite of software solutions to help improve efficiency and lower ongoing electricity costs. They include power and energy management tools, and a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time status and other vital information, to ensure maximum uptime. ChargePoint will also act as the project management team overseeing the installation and commissioning of the site, assisting with training of SFMTA employees, and providing ongoing service and maintenance support.

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