ChargePoint Gains Thousands of EV Charging Stations with GE Acquisition


ChargePoint Inc. has acquired GE’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network, effectively adding more than 1,800 commercial charging spots and 8,000 residential charging spots to its larger network.

Although the specifics of the agreement still remain confidential, ChargePoint says it will maintain GE’s existing software and commercial charging stations.

ChargePoint provides the tools that enable drivers to find stations and station owners to take advantage of smart features, such as access control, pricing capabilities, and software solutions like energy management and scheduled charging.

According to ChargePoint, it designs, develops and manufactures its own EV charging hardware and software solutions. In addition, ChargePoint’s OnRamp program was designed specifically to bring other manufacturers to connect their charging stations to ChargePoint’s network. GE stations will be supported by the ChargePoint support team.

Drivers who are currently on the GE network will also be invited to start using the ChargePoint mobile app to locate available stations, track usage and more.

“A reliable and consistent charging experience is crucial for fostering EV adoption, and these are the key elements that ChargePoint has integrated into our business model for more than a decade,” says Pasquale Romano, CEO and president of ChargePoint. “We are excited to expand our network with the acquisition of GE’s network and have worked closely with the GE team to ensure a seamless transition for customers and drivers.”

As reported, the agreement includes support for both residential and commercial DuraStations and WattStations. ChargePoint will maintain a network for GE commercial stations, and GE will continue to fulfill all of its warranty obligations.

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