ChargeNet Stations, ChargerHelp! Partner on EV Charging Network Expansion


ChargeNet Stations, an electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging station development and software company, is now working with ChargerHelp! The partnership bolsters uptime for the ChargeNet Stations’ rapidly expanding network across quick-serve restaurant parking lots throughout California.

“Teaming up with ChargerHelp! means our restaurant franchisees have one more great reason to feel confident about our network having round-the-clock service and a clear system for repairs within 24-hours,” says ChargeNet Stations’ CEO and co-founder Tosh Dutt.

ChargeNet Stations is preparing to open its first set of fast, solar-powered EV charging stations at a South San Francisco Taco Bell. ChargeNet Stations enables restaurants to store renewable energy for fast EV charging and affords restaurant franchisees the capability to save up to 20% on energy costs.

Customers get a 212+-mile-plus charge in 10 minutes, or less, for about $20, while enjoying a hot meal. The San Diego-based company is on track to open dozens more stations this year – all at quick-serve restaurants, most of which are in underserved communities.

ChargerHelp! is based in Los Angeles. Its EMPWR platform provides customers within the charging ecosystem visibility, insights and data on EV station reliability. Its certified EV supply equipment technicians are dispatched when needed for 24/7 service on demand.

“There’s no doubt California is leading the country in EV adoption and as great companies like ChargeNet Stations focus on expanding their EV charging network, they and their partners want to trust their chargers are consistently in good working order for all drivers to use, at all times,” states Kameale C. Terry, ChargerHelp! CEO and co-founder.

Both companies are part of the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator (LACI) program, and both are committed to diversity and inclusion. Each company also participates in the Workforce Development program, and, as well-funded start-ups, are creating hundreds of jobs across California.

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1 year ago

With the magnificent growing trend of EVs, surely, businessmen are seeing great business opportunities around it. But is it profitable and scalable? Let’s find out.