chargebyte, Switch Collaborating on EV Charging Solution


chargebyte and Switch are partnering to offer Josev Professional, a unified operating system for electric vehicle chargers, preconfigured on chargebyte’s Charge Control C controllers.

The partnership marks the beginning of an embedded software solution that allows access to advanced next-generation capabilities for the mass market, the companies say. EV charger manufacturers can now offer AC and DC bi-directional charging solutions more easily. It also brings additional convenience for EV drivers through plug and charge support and financial benefits to EV charging networks.

A preconfigured charge controller with Josev Professional enhances EV charging manufacturers’ go-to-market strategy by eliminating the complexity of implementing the latest industry-approved communication standards and protocols, like ISO 15118-2/-20 and OCPP 2.0.1. The software is plug-and-play ready and requires minimal integration effort with Switch’s API.

“Our partnership with Switch means we can now offer a highly innovative solution that eases the deployment of forward-looking technologies such as vehicle-to-grid, which has the capability to utilize vehicles as temporary energy storage devices,” says Thomas Wagner, chargebyte’s CEO. “Thanks to our award-winning product, a reliable, convenient, and speedy solution for future-proof charging stations is available for charging point manufacturers and charging station operators.”

“We are excited to combine our software expertise with chargebyte’s hardware expertise,” adds Dr. Marc Mültin, Switch’s founder and CEO. “Thanks to our partnership, we can now offer a turnkey solution enabling a fast route to market for charger OEMs and innovative EV charging networks. Our embedded solution, Josev Professional, helps enable bi-directional charging based on ISO 15118-20 and OCPP 2.0.1 with V2X extensions for both AC and DC charging manufacturers and opens up new revenue streams for their charge point operators customers worldwide.”

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